Where It All Started

On March 9, 1994 Wynn-Reeth, Inc. opened with just one client, one home, one van, and one purpose to provide a better life for a man who lived his whole life without a place to call home. It was our goal to provide this person, and others alike, with the greatest opportunities life could give. The result was the transformation of an individual from severe behavioral problems to being the most wonderful person one could ever know. Such success was made possible through the dedication of his staff and support team. The tradition has been carried out since that time through the delivery of similar services to all individuals served by our agency. We feel that our success has been earned by the very talented staff that we have working for us, and that we will never be able to show our full appreciation for these heroes. The experience of our current staff includes an accumulative number of 67 years of direct care experience, 52 years of administrative experience, and 18 years of maintenance & nursing experience. Please refer to our company philosophy for a bit more insight.

Special Thanks

All of us here at Wynn-Reeth, Inc. would like to give a special thanks to our founder and original CEO, Bruce Hunt. Serving the company from 1994 - 2002 meant more than just operating the agency. He was the strong foundation for an agency that shall live on by creating the best possible life for the individuals we serve. He has taught all of us about hard work, honesty, and having compassion for all of our neighbors. Every one of us that have had the privilege of his presence in our lives has experienced the gift that he had been given. Knowing how he has forever changed our lives, I had this to say as a final farewell to my father:

"I had once heard someone say that guardian angels can be living people. They said that in addition to guardian angels as we have always known them - guardian angels may also exist as people that somehow touch our lives. When I first heard this I felt that there is much to be disputed, but I soon found that no one here today could dispute this now known fact.

We are all here today because of a guardian angel that has been a living part of our lives. This guardian angel has devoted his life to helping people without hesitation. He has been a friend to everyone - one that would never say no when you asked him for help. Not only has our guardian angel been here for us when we have asked him for help, but he has always been the one person that we have been able to obtain support from.

I have seen him change the lives of people he has come in contact with. In his personal life he has been the "handy man" that can help you solve any problem, and he made it look easy. At work he has been the hard worker that gets the job done properly while smiling the whole time. In his recent work he has touched the lives of many people, as he has made sure they receive the best quality of life possible. He has also made sure his employees and co-workers are always taken care of, and that they always have a friend to come to no matter what problems they may have.

I have seen our guardian angel overcome obstacles that were thought to be impossible to conquer. He has built a home for his family with blood and sweat, he has built a home for his clients and staff through the legacy he has created, and he has learned to fly like a bird.

He has been an artist that has mastered the technique of touching lives. It should not be a surprise to us that he would naturally love flying like all angels do. Now is the time for him to soar above us and to always be the part of our lives that he has been.

The part that he has played in my life has always been as my father, my friend, and most importantly my hero. As my father, he has always made sure I was headed in the right direction. He has provided me with guidance and wisdom without error. As my friend, he has been the one person that is always right there for me to offer support and lend an understanding ear. He has provided me with unconditional understanding without fail. As my hero, he has inspired me to be a better person. He has taught me an old fashion way of treating all people I come in contact with, which includes knowing that my word must always be a guarantee when give to someone, and that no less then 100% honesty is acceptable in my performance. He has taught me to be a friend to everyone; a friend that can always see the good in people and that will do no harm to them.

With my father, my friend, my hero and my guardian angel in my life I will always strive to be the best person I can. I will be the best husband, father, son, brother and friend just as I have been taught. Our guardian angel is not setting here with us today - he will now exist within each of us as we remember the person he was and how he made us the people we now are. Though I have a void in my soul that can never be filled, I know that dad will live on in my life forever."

Bruce L. Hunt